Finding utmost joy in creating something that brings people together. It's not just about cake. It's about the memories.

Our Flowers


A signature Gateauxlicious wedding cake is always adorned with the most delicate sugar flowers, whether it's a single statement Peony or a grand cascading arrangement of classic roses. Let's just say we have a soft spot for beautifully crafted sugar flowers here!

The Art of Sugar Flowers

Each flower is made with much patience and love as we try our best to recreate each little detailing. They are lightly shaded with edible luster dust to add texture and done in such a way that it looks natural in its movement. We are more than happy to make just about any flower you'd like to see on your cake, so please do let us know what your favourite flower is. Jay's favourite blooms are those that are scented, especially romantic roses and magnolias, while Asma' has a love affair with peonies and hydrangeas. :)

floral applique.jpg